harris eisenstadt





Sam Rivers, still blazing away at 80, certainly isn't slowing down here. He teams up with 2 percussionists, Rudolph on hand drums and Eisenstadt on drumkit for a blowout with an African vibe. The group gets an amazingly full sound, you tend to forget that its just 3 people making all this music. A must listen!- KZSU Jazz DJ Ben B.



Drummer Eisenstadt manages to produce some unconventional sounds within a free-jazz context. The brass-heavy quintet -- two trumpets and cornet -- makes for lots of loud, bold tones and/or scratchy quiet improvising. Compositions tend to be minimalist, with multiple players carving simple pulses or even one repeated note (N.B. "minimalist" doesn't mean "quiet" -- this is often brash, kicking stuff). - KZSU Jazz MD Craig Matsumoto



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