Canada Day

Harris Eisenstadt

Canada Day

(Clean Feed) (2009)


Harris Eisenstadt (drums, compositions), Eivind Opsvik (bass), Chris Dingman (vibraphone), Nate Wooley (trumpet), Matt Bauder (tenor saxophone)

"... a batch of smartly interrogatory new pieces."

-Nate Chinen
The New York Times


Ups and Downs


Canada Day got its name a couple years ago when one of our gigs happened to fall on July 1, Canada’s birthday. I’m proudly Canadian, and happy to name my band after my country.   Canada Day has developed these songs around New York for a couple years. The week we recorded we rehearsed, played two gigs over a few days, then went into the studio. All of the music was recorded in one day, and almost all are first takes.   “Don’t Gild the Lilly” is a line from Isaac Bashevis Singer’s book Shadows on the Hudson.   Halifax is the third in a series of pieces named after cities and parts of the world I love.     “After An Outdoor Bath” was started after taking one while on tour in Northern California.   “And When to Come Back” and “Ups and Downs” were written while going back and forth between LA, New York, and tours for a couple years.   “Keep Casting Rods” was an expression I bungled at some point that I liked as a song title. I think you cast lines with rods, right?   “Kategeeper” is also the third in a series of pieces; in this case a series of thinly obscured words.   “Every Day is Canada Day” is dedicated to Canada.   Harris Eisenstadt Brooklyn, January 2009