Canada Day II

Harris Eisenstadt

Canada Day II

(Songlines) (2011)


Harris Eisenstadt (drums, compositions), Eivind Opsvik (bass), Chris Dingman (vibraphone), Nate Wooley (trumpet), Matt Bauder (tenor saxophone)

“...a graceful sense of push-and-pull adventure."

-Ed Enright


Now Longer (excerpt)


A few words about Canada Day II:  It is, simply put, a joy to continue developing this group with these creative musicians. I’ve started thinking in slightly more geologic terms lately, so rather than fretting so much about Canada Day’s daily existence, I’ve been imagining how it could unfold over years. Canada Day’s first gig was July 1, 2007. We recorded our first album December 2008. This, our second disc, was recorded December 2010. It’s a great feeling to head into the studio knowing you can’t wait any longer to document music that has grown over two years of rehearsals and gigs.   A few words about the song titles:  I wrote “Cobble Hook” for the most part while walking to teach at PS29 in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. When we played it to an appreciative audience at the Red Hook Jazz Festival, I promised I’d change the name, so “Cobble Hook” is a compromise. “To Seventeen” was written while walking past PS217 in our Brooklyn neighborhood. “Song for Owen” is dedicated to our son, Owen Eisenstadt; I think of him every time while we play it.  “Now Longer” has grown from a simple bass vamp to a suite-like composition with multiple sections, and its title has changed in every incarnation.  “To Eh,” “To Be,” and “To See/Tootie” were the first pieces I wrote for our second record, and were just numerical/alphabetical titles until I came up with (arguably) more creative ones. “Judo with Tokyo Joe” is a reference to a Humphrey Bogart film that was on when I was visiting John Zorn. It was soon after our son was born and I was in an exhausted, compositionally non-productive rut. Hanging with Zorn that day re-upped my inspiration and for that, I owe him many thanks.   A few words about the artwork:  I wanted the album design to remind me of childhood summers spent at camp in the lakes region north of Toronto. By some lovely serendipity, I happened to re-connect with a very old friend from that time, Jon Setzen, who happens to be a fantastic designer. It’s been a treat collaborating with him.   Harris Eisenstadt, Brooklyn 2010