Convergence Quartet


Clean Feed (2009)


Alexander Hawkins (piano), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet), Dominic Lash (bass)

"A powerful example of 21st-century musical catholicity, uninhibitedly mingling improv, contemporary-classical composition, old jazz references and new abstraction."

-John Fordham
The Guardian


Top ten albums of 2007: Nate Dorward, Coda

Top ten albums of 2007: John Sharpe, All About Jazz

‘a no-holds-barred approach to playing music grounded in the original seminal free spirit of jazz’
(John Sharpe, All About Jazz)

‘Here’s a band that truly understands how to ride the edge of inside/outside, at times dulcetly melodic, at other times quite prickly; they’re always doing something unexpected, weaving their way through collective counterpoint, lyrical solos, and bracing free interludes’
(Michael Rosenstein, Paris Transatlantic)

‘a fundamental reassertion of composition within improvised music’
(Stuart Broomer, Point of Departure (US))

‘a subverted organisational approach that results in a sustained sense of open-mouthed surprise’
(Martin Longley, BBC Music)

‘an international cast of highly-regarded improvisers…a study in contrasts…truly a convergence of musical ideas…ambience, finesse, power and intricately devised subtleties’
(Glenn Astarita, (US))

‘The telling exploitation of contrast (both stylistic and dynamic) is perhaps the band’s greatest collective strength …but individually, too…the band rivet the attention’
(Chris Parker, The Vortex)

‘many profound moments of listening’
(Paul Serralheiro, Squid’s Ear)

‘Its members hail from three different countries, but it is the convergence of four distinct artists and the uncommonly compelling results achieved that make the name truly resonate.
(Matthew Miller, All About Jazz, New York

‘a perfect example of the richly varied nature of free improvisation…full of lightning responses from all the players and moments of magical innovation’
(Paul Medley, The Oxford Times)

‘The Convergence Quartet put their collective shoulders to the free compositional wheel and give it a massive shove over the edge…Wow!’
(Edwin Pouncey, The Wire)

‘The Convergence Quartet make exciting music. Their new live CD brings together a variety of approaches – the well-planned and the unpredictable, the forceful and the intricate, expressive solos and cogent group interactions. They come together, play everywhichway – and it’s a convergence of riches.’
(Graham Lock, author Forces in Motion: Anthony Braxton and the Meta-Reality of Creative Music)

‘Following in the footsteps of artists such as Dave Brubeck and Anthony Braxton: first-world third-stream composers with one eye on the deeper river of free jazz and African and American traditional music…their sound is fiercely contemporary. If you wonder where Jazz is at today, where it has evolved to, then here’s one answer.’
(Tim Owen, The

‘Highly unpredictable and thought-provoking music to savor with endless room for future consideration.’
(Jay Collins, Cadence (US))