Rivers / Rudolph / Eisenstadt


Meta (2003)


Sam Rivers (flute, tenor and soprano saxophone) Adam Rudolph, hand drums, percussion)

"indispensable... helps one hear the essence of this music... the power of complex rhythms and striking melody."

-Matthew Sumera
One Final Note


"Recorded in 2003 at the Clear Lake recording studio in Venice, California. This set places Sam Rivers in the company of drummer Harris Eisenstadt and percussionist Adam Rudolph for a series of seven medium-length freewheeling improvisations. Rivers plays tenor, soprano and flute on these exercises and the effect is electrifying. While completely in the moment, utterly outside, and spontaneously realized, there is a certain warmth and accessibility on this outing that is unexpected. The music flows, easily, effortlessly, and Rivers' own focus is remarkable in the onslaught of drums that seem to come from behind and in front of him, surrounding him on every side. The feeling is ever forward. Rivers doesn't strive to play above the drums but with them, through them, inside them, weaving a quilt of color and nuance while still projecting considerable force. This is not a date for everyone and it is a workout, but it's a sublime one that offers plenty to anyone willing to take it on its own terms" - Thom Jurek , All Music Guide