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Article for John Zorn’s Arcana series in the works

Article for John Zorn’s Arcana series in the works… to be published in 2017… more on this soon…

Canada Day IV reviewed at Multi Kulti

Link to review in Polish here 



Stone Residency Poster










Fall 2014 Golden State and Canada Day NY & Europe concert posters

Canada Day and Golden State Bands pages updated

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Vancouver Jazz Fest feature

In advance of several performances at the 2014 Vancouver Jazz Festival, artistic director and longtime friend Ken Pickering wrote a feature here.

Canada Council touring grant recipient for summer 2014 festivals






Delighted to announce I’ve been awarded a Canada Council touring grant to support Golden State’s Canadian and American Jazz festivals tour June 19 – July 1. Please see tour page for details.

Regal Tip Endorsement

Excited to announce I’ve become a Regal Tip endorser. I’ve played their brushes forever and am way into their sticks and mallets. Honored to be with them.



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I’m in the process of trying to make the News page work better, so it works as a more efficient archive with more streamlined functionality. So, re-configured News page coming soon…

The Destructive Element on Top 10 Jazz Releases July 2013

Full list here.

1st Annual Rhythm in the Diaspora Fest June 19-20 2013, NYC




The 1st Annual Rhythm in the Diaspora Festival takes place June 19-20, 2013 at the Cornelia Street Café in New York City. Founded with the intention of presenting the jazz drumming tradition in conjunction with rhythm traditions of the diaspora, the 1st Annual Rhythm in the Diaspora Festival will give listeners the rare opportunity to hear Senegalese and Cuban sacred and secular rhythms, and will invite audiences to make connections between these ancestral rhythm languages and their much younger descendant, the drumset.


Press contact: Fully Altered Media

Matt Merewitz

Stephen Buono


Wednesday, June 19 – 8:30PM, $20 (incl. 1 drink)

John Amira, iya; Harris Eisenstadt, itotele; Lorne Watson, okonkolo
For this intimate concert audiences will be treated to a sequence of Santeria salute rhythms to the Orishas rarely heard outside of ritual performance. John Amira is a master drummer with over 40 years experience in his specialty of Haitian and Cuban music. He has performed with top artists (Celia Cruz, Tito Puente); in theater (“A Season In The Congo,” “Shango De Ima”­); in film (“American Gangster”); on T.V., radio, and recordings. He teaches, performs and lectures at universities throughout the US. He is the author of “The Music of Santeria”.


Wednesday, June 19 – 10:00PM, $20 (incl. 1 drink)

Soiree Senegalaise featuring SING SING RHYTHMS
Cheikh Tairou MbayeAbdou MbayeBabacar Mbaye

For this special “soiree Senegalaise,” the members of Sing Sing Rhythms will present songs and rhythms from the virtuosic sabar drum repertoire of Senegal. A traditional sabar drum and dance company made up of Wolof griots (keepers of the history) from Medina, Senegal, Sing Sing Rhythms was originally the name of a family group organized by Mbaye Dieye Faye (Youssou N’Dour’s percussionist) in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Family members relocated to New York City in the late 1990s and took up their current name.


Thursday, June 20 – 8:30PM, $20 (incl. 1 drink) 
Angelica Sanchez, piano;  Ellery Eskelin, tenor sax;  Harris Eisenstadt, drums, comps.

September Trio returns to Cornelia to celebrate the release of “The Destructive Element,” their second album for Clean Feed, recorded in Portugal after a European tour fall 2012. They’ll return to Europe the week after this New York engagement.  “It’s unlikely that there’s ever been a CD quite like this one.” – Stuart Broomer, New York City Jazz Record, re: September Trio’s first recording (Clean Feed, 2011)

Barry Altschul interview published at Destination Out

In three installments:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

New September Trio Promo Film

Harris Eisenstadt September Trio Featurette in Vimeo


new video from Nate Wooley Quintet gig at Sycamore, Brooklyn

Link here

New site launched!

These were some preliminary sketches I sent Jon Setzen when we were trying to come up with a site design. Many thanks to Jon for his creative vision and Kristin Falkner for technical support getting this site up and running!