harris eisenstadt




the soul and gone

"...For another musician, the festival affords an opportunity to collaborate with local musicians. Harris Eisenstadt is a drummer and composer who has worked on both the East and West Coasts. Speaking by telephone from Toronto, where he was celebrating his 30th birthday with his family, Eisenstadt said, "In Chicago, despite the fact that everyone is working at a very high level, there's a welcoming and warmth that I really appreciate." His The Soul And Gone band, which plays on Thursday, uses jazz as a framework to contain African motifs, rock textures and moments of chamber music interplay. It's that inclusiveness that makes him fit on the same bill with the quartet Akron/Family. "What I enjoy about The Wire is that they are not afraid to put different music under the rubric of Modern Music, whatever that is. I mean, Ravel is modern music!"- Bill Meyer



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