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"Jalolu makes good on its bravery, first of all with the tonal variety of the three brass. Paul Smoker and Roy Campbell play trumpet, but Campbell triples on pocket trumpet and flugelhorn, and Taylor Bynum plays cornet. Andy Laster joins the high end on clarinet, while his huffing baritone sax is robust as a New Orleans marching tuba. As for Eisenstadt, he doesn’t limit his craft to the drums. His compositions make strong use of drama, with a penchant for marching rhythms that easily decelerate and divide, affirming a musical line that connects Cresecent City, Charles Mingus, and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. “Jumpin In” is dedicated to Eric Dolphy, but the mix of brass ziggurats and warm horn melodies, goosed by the leader’s now-match-this drumming, indicates some conservatory cut-up as well. CIMP’s trademark audio verite approach to recording musical interaction as opposed to production strategies make the most of the space where a bass would traditionally reside; its easiest here to sense ideas in motion." - Randal McIlroy



brassum: warning lights


"(the) natural groove (was) enhanced by Harris Eisenstadt's imaginative, uncluttered drumming... allowing Eisenstadt maximum room to play around the time, reaching for tympani-like effects on his drum kit..." - Steve Vickery



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