I endorse Regal Tip drumsticks, brushes & mallets, and Istanbul Agop cymbals. 

I particularly love to play 60s/70s Sonor & Gretsch kits, as well as Modern Drum Shop kits (great store in NYC for years).

I most often use:

Modern Drum Shop Nesting Kit
18″ bass drum
10″ rack tom
14″ floor tom

Sonor early 1970s Green Satin Flame Kit
20″ bass drum
13″ rack tom
16″ floor tom

Gretsch 1970s/80s Kit
20″ bass drum
12″ rack tom
14″ floor tom

Snare Drums:
5 1/2 x 14 Premier 70s, natural shell, customized edges and bed by Nodar Rode
5 X 14 Ludwig 60s metal
5 X 14 Sonor early 70s green satin flame

Cymbals (in heaviest rotation):
22″ Istanbul 30th Anniversary Ride
20″Istanbul 30th Anniversary Ride
22″ Istanbul Jazz SE Ride
21″ Istanbul Signature Ride
14″ Istanbul 30th Anniversary Hi Hats
14″ Jazz SE Hi Hats

Yamaha or DW kick pedal
Yamaha single braced cymbal stands
Yamaha snare and Hi Hat stands

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