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2011 Harris Eisenstadt: Canada Day II (Songlines), Harris Eisenstadt: September Trio (Clean Feed), Nate Wooley: (Put Your) Hands Together (Clean Feed), Jeremiah Cymerman: Fire Sign (Tzadik), Jessica Pavone: Army of Strangers (Porter)

2010 Harris Eisenstadt: Woodblock Prints (NoBusiness), Convergence Quartet: Song/Dance (Clean Feed)

2009 Harris Eisenstadt: Canada Day (Clean Feed)

2008 Harris Eisenstadt: Guewel (Clean Feed), Achim Kaufmann/Mark Dresser/Harris Eisenstadt: Starmelodics (Nuscope), Jeb Bishop/Jason Roebke/Harris Eisenstadt: Tiebreaker (Nottwo), Adam Rudolph Organic Orchestra: Thought Forms (Ruby Red)

2007 Harris Eisenstadt: The All Seeing Eye + Octets (Poobah), Build An Ark: Dawn (Shaman Work), The Convergence Quartet: self-titled (FMR), Tin/Bag Quartet: And Begin Again (Evander)

2006 Paul Rutherford/Torsten Muller/Harris Eisenstadt: The Zone (Konnex), The Diplomats: We Are Not Obstinate Islands (Clean Feed), Mark Weaver's Brassum: Brassum Live (pfmentum)

2005 Harris Eisenstadt: Ahimsa Orchestra (Nine Winds), Harris Eisenstadt: The Soul and Gone (482 Music), The Wedding Crashers (New Line Cinemas film soundtrack), Ian Smith/Simon Fell/Harris Eisenstadt: K3 (Bruce's Fingers)

2004 Harris Eisenstadt Quintet: Jalolu (CIMP), Jonas/Deane/Eisenstadt: High Mayfem Fest Compilation (High Mayhem) The Darts: self-titled (EMR), This Side of North (Siren Music Productions), Sam Rivers/Adam Rudolph/ Harris Eisenstadt: Vista (Meta), Harris Eisenstadt/David Rothbaum Duo: self-titled (EMR)

2003 Harris Eisenstadt: Fight or Flight (Newsonic), Mark Weaverís Brassum: Warning Lights (Plutonium), Nathan Hubbard: Skeleton Key Orchestra (Circumvention), Adam Rudolph Organic Orchestra: In the Garden (Meta Records), Boxes of Water: self titled (Evander), Kraig Grady: The Stolen Stars (AOA), The Hebrew Hammer (Independent film soundtrack)

2002 Adam Rudolph Organic Orchestra: Web of Light (Meta) Dahmer, The Mind Is A Place of Its Own (film soundtrack, InfinityLand)

2001 AMH Trio: Live at Field and Frame (Plutonium), Adam Rudolph Organic Orchestra: self-titled (Meta), Siren: nr1 (Siren Music Productions)

2000 Harris Eisenstadt: Last Minute of Play In This Period (Questionable), Pan (I.C.) Trio: West Coast Tour (Questionable)

1999 Matt Richelson: So I Was (Questionable), Travis Just: Donít Panic (Questionable)

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