You Have Options reviewed at AAJ

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You Have Options gets 4 stars at Freejazz blog

4 stars. Review here

You Have Options on Georgia Straight best of 2018 list

Alex Varty’s list here 

You Have Options #1 on Earshot radio charts (Canada)

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Poschiavo 50 Big Band on Best Concerts of 2018 list

Poschiavo 50 Big Band on Best concerts of 2018 list at Jazz Right Now. List here

The Whole Note reviews “You Have Options”

“…it’s the group’s reflective depths that define the CD.” – Stuart Broomer

Review here

AAJ give “You Have Options” 4 stars

Review here

In On the Corner reviews “You Have Options”

Full review here

“…the superhuman sensitivity and exemplary musicianship of Eisenstadt.”

DMG reviews “You Have Options”

“This new international chamber-jazz trio with classical and avant leanings features beautiful tunes and tasty improvisation. Canadian clarinetist François Houle, British pianist Alexander Hawkins, and NY-based Canadian drummer Harris Eisenstadt are highly regarded leaders and genuinely simpatico. The program features original compositions by all three plus pieces by Steve Lacy, Andrew Hill and Charles Ives. The group first came together for the 2014 Vancouver jazz festival and played some wild improvisational music but the record is mostly on the more lyrical and contemplative side. Houle and Eisenstadt and Hawkins and Eisenstadt have long histories of performing together, but Alex and François had not met previously. Their performing blend is different from previous Houle projects on Songlines with European pianists Benoît Delbecq and Håvard Wiik – perhaps more classically poised and spacious, but warm rather than cool, and with an edge when needed. Harris’s fastidious, highly textured drumming is the perfect percussive complement. Both Houle and Eisenstadt have extensive back catalogue on Songlines.”

“You have options” reviewed in the Vancouver Sun

Review here 

Jazz Trail reviews Poschiavo 50 (Quartet) at The Stone

“The quartet built a mix of fragile and strapping scenarios.”

Link to review here 

The New Yorker previews Stone residency

“Eisenstadt has soaked up idiomatic rhythms in Africa and Cuba, collaborated extensively with such forward-thinking musicians as Yusef Lateef and Wadada Leo Smith, and devoted as much time to composing as he has to drumming. For this residency, he employs his deep-sighted and elastic view of improvised music in settings that are both small-scale (a duet with Graham Haynes on cornet and electronics) and expansive (a large band that finds Eisenstadt conducting rather than behind the drum kit).” – Steve Futterman

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2018 Downbeat critics poll

Honored to be included in the Rising star Percussion and arranger categories in the 2018 Downbeat critics poll. Link here 

new Canada Day video posted from Padova, IT gig

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DMG reviews “Whatever Will Happen…”

“NY free jazz drummer and composer Harris Eisenstadt brings his talents to the compositional world with this four movement suite performed by the Mivos Quartet of Olivia De Prato, Josh Modney, Victor Lowrie and Mariel Roberts, a creative composition blending melodic and textural approaches to the strings in a bold rendering of Eisenstandt’s work. Harris Eisenstadt is a diverse composer and drummer, leading several bands at the same time with Canada day the most popular of each. For this LTD edition, LP-only release, Mr. Eisenstadt has composed for the great Mivos (String) Quartet. I’ve spent quite a bit of time listening to string quartet music over the past few years, from John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Ben Johnston and Elliott Carter. Mr. Eisenstadt’s work, “Whatever Will Happen That Will Also Be” is in four movements. The music is intense, vibrant, with shifting pizzicato strings erupting between a layer of heaving waves. Since Mr. Eisenstadt is a gifted drummer, there is quite a bit of fascinating rhythmic lines going on throughout. I’ve had to listen to this music several times since I find it difficult to describe certain types of chamber music. I do hear that there is a a few thematic lines which are played one way and then turned in different directions. There is a strong balance between those well-written ensemble passages and the occasional single string eruptions. The pressing and production are consistent high quality but it will take some time to fully absorb the way things develop here. At times it sounds as if the soloist is playing one thing while the rest of the quartet is playing other thematic, seesawing lines underneath. Time for another listening session to hear the depths of what is going on here. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery  

Recent Developments gets 4 stars in Downbeat

“This attention to pacing, detail and contrast is one of the best things about Recent Developments..” – Bill Meyer

Review here

Canada Day gig in Avignon, FR reviewed at Culture Jazz

Link to review (in French) here

“A beautiful universe in which the captivated public has been shipped without resistance!” – Google Translate

Musique Machine reviews Recent Developments

“A brilliantly intelligent hybrid of melodic and free jazz over the course of a long and prolific career, dating back to 1999.”

Review here


Still Single reviews string quartet LP

“…cover the field between hard-edged intricacy and chamber delicacy quite handily.” – Bill Meyer

Link to review here



Recent Developments CD of the week at AAJ Italy

Review (in Italian) here

On Parade in Parede on (Portugal) Best of 2017 list

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New York Times previews Poschiavo 50 at The Owl

HARRIS EISENSTADT’S ‘POSCHIAVO 50’ AND PLAY at the Owl (Jan. 18, 7:30 p.m.). Mr. Eisenstadt, a drummer, is also possessed of a cinematic compositional voice. He wrote 50 short pieces during a residency at the Uncool Festival in Switzerland last year, and he’s been gradually unveiling them at the Owl, playing one show per month since November. For each concert he’s enlisted one or two different collaborators; at this one he’ll be joined by two fellow percussionists: Patricia Brennan on vibraphone and Chris Dingman on marimba. 

Scroll down to Jazz here

Recent Developments on Earshot Best of 2017 list

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Recent Developments Album of the Year at Avant Music News

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Recent Developments one of NYCJR’s Best Large Ensemble releases of 2017

link to pdf here

Recent Developments and On Parade in Parede on John Sharpe’s AAJ Best of 2017 list

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Recent Developments on Ken Waxman’s Best of 2017 list

Waxman list here 

Recent Developments on Jerome Wilson’s AAJ Best of 2017 list

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Recent Developments on CKUT best of 2017 list

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String quartet reviewed at Jazz Weekly

“Bartok through a prism.”

Review here

El Intruso reviews Recent Developments

an album of austere temperament at all formal and thematic levels, exquisite in melodic and harmonic terms and interpreted in a superlative way by an ensemble that brings together some of the most representative figures of contemporary creative music.” – Sergio Piccirilli

Review, in Spanish, here

NYCJR reviews Whatever Will Happen That Will Also Be

PDF review here

Recent Developments reviewed in The Squid’s Ear

“An impressive display of the compositional imagination of Mr. Eisenstadt.” 

Link to review here


String quartet reviewed in The Wire

“His music frequently expresses a sort pastoral, forest-dwelling Canadian-ness.”

Philip Freeman reviews “Whatever Will Happen That Will Also Be” here

Recent Developments reviewed at Bird is the Worm

“That a flock of butterflies is referred to as a kaleidoscope is particularly relevant to the latest from Harris Eisenstadt.”

Review here

Essay published in John Zorn’s Arcana XVIII

Arcana XVIII Musician’s on Music Ten Year Anniversary Edition is out and includes my article, titled:

“Personal Possession: Stylistic Differences in Batá Drumming from Matanzas and Havana, Cuba” 

Zorn has assembled an fascinating cross-section of essays by illustrious musical mavericks writing on a wide range of topics.


Edgefest (Ann Arbor, MI) concert review

“Next generation dynamo… the outstanding drum work of Eisenstadt, (was)  pivotal in negotiating the fluidity of Ochs’s compositions.”

w/ Larry Ochs’ Fictive Five, long review here and here

Recent Developments gets 5 stars at All Aboit Jazz

“A stunning and thought provoking achievement.” – John Sharpe

Link to review here

On Parade in Parede reviewed ta Cuíca Dodecafónica (PT)

Link to review (in Portuguese) here

Dusty Groove reviews Whatever Will Happen That Will Also Be

“A beautiful combination of talents – the compositional work of Harris Eisenstadt, and the dynamic performance range of the Mivos Quartet.”

Link to review here

Recent Developments reviewed at Audio Stream

“A fluid and original take on modern composition.”

Scroll down for full review here

NYCJR reviews Recent Developments & On Parade in Parede

pdf of full review here

“Since he began leading sessions (ca. 2000), drummer Harris Eisenstadt has garnered reputation for intriguing ensembles. He excels in putting together players and instrumental combinations one wouldn’t expect and makes it work.” – Robert Iannapollo

Squid’s Ear reviews On Parade in Parede

A great listen.”

Full review here 

New Release: “Whatever Will Happen That Will Also Be” (No Business ) September, 2017


Recent Developments reviewed in Modern Drummer

“Breaks new ground as a writer and player.” – Martin Patmos

Link to full review here

Touching Extremes reviews On Parade in Parede

“Finally, there’s a certain drummer who drives everything firmly while setting a few nice traps from which a musician can escape after getting caught. Not a hint of egotism in sight, the drums merely one of the four colors. Lest one forgets, it is he who wrote this damn fine stuff.” – Massimo Ricci

Link to full review here

On Parade in Parede gets 5 stars in AAJ

“Eisenstadt presides over a noteworthy collective excellence, illuminated by flashes of individual brilliance..” – John Sharpe

Link to review here


Jazzword reviews On Parade in Parede and Recent Developments

Double review here

” …(Parede) isn’t your parents’ Free Bop… Neither is (Recent Developments) standard chamber jazz or even chamber music.” – Ken Waxman

On Parade in Parede reviewed in Salt Peanuts (NO)

Review in Norwegian by Jan Granlie here 

“an entwined collective, where everyone is involved in dragging the loot.” – Google translate

On Parade in Parede reviewed in Gapplegate

“… continues the adventurous journey through compositional-improvisational singularity.”

Link to review here

Recent Developments gets 4 stars in Audiophile Audition

Link to review here

Downbeat 2017 Critics Poll Rising Star Percussion & Arranger Categories

Honored to be included in the Downbeat 2017 Critics Poll Rising Star Percussion (#2) & Arranger (#9) Categories.

List here (percussion p.62, arranger p.63)

On Parade in Parede reviewed in Enola (Belgium)

Link to review here

On Parade in Parede reviewed in Avant Scena


Link to review here

On Parade in Parede reviewed in Blowup (Italy)

On Parade in Parede reviewed in Dusted

“Assertive playing, astute writing, rhythmic flexibility, intuitive interplay, and a conscious integration of several continents’ musical traditions — for Canada Day, that’s what jazz is all about.”

Link here

Recent Developments get 4 stars in Jazzwise (UK)

Click here for pdf review

“Eisenstadt… restricts himself to Paul Motian-like shading, his magic woven through the organisational fecundity of these profoundly original arrangements.” – Spencer Grady

Recent Developments reviewed in Point of Departure

“…some of Eisenstadt’s most animated and engaging compositions to date..” – Troy Collins

Link to review here

NYC Jazz Record reviews Recent Developments concert

“Eisenstadt was understated throughout, laying down skeletal rhythms as structure for his complex forays, his kit serving him as a conductor’s podium.” – Andrey Henkin

Full review here 

Recent Developments “Hot Pick” at Jazzwise (UK)

Chart here

Recent developments at #1 for 6th wk on Earshot charts

Link to chart here

On Parade in Parede reviewed at Dusty Groove

“Great work from the Canada Day combo of drummer Harris Eisenstadt – a group that may well be his best in recent years.”

Link to review here

Recent Developments 5th week at #1 on Earshot jazz radio (Canada)

Chart here

On Parade in Parede gets 4 stars in Winnipeg Free Press

“A fine example of the creative possibilities of contemporary creative jazz.” – Keith Black

Link to review here

On Parade in Parede reviewed in The Whole Note

“Among Eisenstadt’s numerous ensembles, Canada Day may be the most traditional and also the loosest: its sprung rhythms (suggesting African and Latin roots) and clipped themes recall the early music of Ornette Coleman, while the individual and collective voices of the band sound like they were just invented.” – Stuart Broomer

Link to review here

Recent Developments reviewed at JazzTrail

“An indestructible feeling of unity.”

Link to review here

Recent Developments 4th week at #1 on Earshot charts (Canada)

Chart here

Recent Developments in the New York Times

“Mr. Eisenstadt, a drummer, tends to write music with a steady rhythmic pulse and a feeling of open-air possibility. On ‘Recent Developments,’ his 20th album, the compositions are detailed and multifaceted, but nothing feels nailed down or tightened up. His way of playing helps: Mr. Eisenstadt’s touch is emphatic but light, never aiming to fill a lot of space.” – Giovanni Russonello

Link to NY Times gig preview here

Recent Developments 3rd week at #1 on Canadian jazz radio

Chart here

Recent Developments reviewed at Textura

“Calling New York-based composer, percussionist, and bandleader Harris Eisenstadt an iconoclast might sound hyperbolic, but the body of work he’s produced and the bands he’s led certainly show him to be someone who’s regularly challenged convention and upended it in thoughtful and strategic manner.” 

Link here


Recent Developments reviewed at Improvised Blog

“A who’s who of today’s forward thinking jazz-related players.”

Link here

AMN reviews Recent Developments

“Album of the year candidate.” 

Link to review here

Recent Developments 2nd week at #1 on Canadian jazz radio

Chart here 

Recent Developments reaches #1 on Earshot jazz charts

In 3rd Week on Earshot Jazz radio charts (Canada), Recent Developments reaches #1

Charts here

Step Tempest reviews Recent Developments

“Subtle, rewarding, and challenging.” – Richard Kamins

 Review here 

Recent Developments Recommended New Release for 2nd month in NYCJR

Link here

Recent Developments gets 4 stars in Downbeat

**** “This latest development in composer/drummer Harris Eisenstadt’s work crosses two lines of inquiry. The rich, differentiated string and woodwind textures extend the chamber-like instrumentation of his Golden State Quartet, but the size of the ensemble and the episodic, album-length progress of the music place the disc in the lineage of projects such as his Fight Or Flight and Canada Day Octet.

For every action Eisenstadt takes as a writer and arranger, he provides an equally considered response. Brandon Seabrook’s fiery banjo and the leader’s own swinging drums balance the liberally deployed bassoon, flute and bowed strings. And while the officially named parts of the suite constitute a very detailed piece unto itself, each is bracketed by shorter, looser segments that ease the music’s tension.

This attention to pacing, detail and contrast is one of the best things about Recent Developments. Each stylistic situation is fully explored and each solo fully integrated into a larger framework that is elaborate but never unnecessarily so.” – Bill Meyer, Downbeat


Link to review on p.56 of digital edition here

Recent Developments Editor’s Choice at High Res Audio

Link here

Recent Developments reviewed at AAJ

“A highly unusual and appealing collection and features some of Eisenstadt’s most creative writing and a remarkable assembly of talented musicians.” 

Link here

Recent Developments reviewed at Stereogum

“There are… moments that recall Charles Mingus’ The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady, one of jazz’s great suites. Recent Developments shares a joyousness and vitality with that album — there’s nothing austere or over-intellectualized about this music.” – Phil Freeman

full review here

Cadence reviews Recent Developments

HARRIS EISENSTADT [drm] has written and issued a fascinating CD. Comprising 14 sections [41:09] with the longer parts separated by interludes the whole of this work is a very controlled musical adventure made up of seemingly disparate instrumental parts. The use of the various instruments is remarkably integrated into the music. Eisenstadt has managed to make banjo, bassoon, tuba, etc. not exotic in this setting but a nice fit into this tale of many parts. My only complaint is the tale ends on an unfinished note, leaving this listener waiting for more. There really is no extended blowing here but there is improvisation and some minimalism but it is very musical and stays fresh on repeated listenings. Excellent use of 41:09, a piece that would work well in a concert setting.

Recent Developments reviewed at

“****1/2… In short, this is a musician who knows what he’s doing.” – Eric McDowell

Link to review here

Recent Developments Recommended New Release in NYCJR

pdf here

Old Growth Forest Ottawa preview

Link here

CJN Toronto feature

Link here 

Vancouver Old Growth Forest gig preview

link here 

Recent Developments pick of the week at AMN

Link here

Old Growth Forest Rochester City News preview

Rochester City News preview here

El Intruso previews “Recent Developments”

Link here (in Spanish)

New Interview: Recent Developments

Link to interview here

New Songlines label page: Recent Developments coming March 2017

Info at Songlines website here

Old Growth Forest on Best of 2016 lists

Just for Music list here

Organissimo list here

In League with Paton list here

 Jazz Prospecting list here


Neon Jazz interview

Link to audio interview here

Zorn Bagatelles trio set mini-review

“Set 16: Harris Eisenstadt Trio w/ Chris Dingman & Eivind Opsvik emphasize balance, cohesion, shimmer #Bagatelles @NationalSawdust #Zornday” – Steve Smith, the log journal 

Canada Day IV reviewed at Musique Machine

“The best of the conventional and the avant garde.”

Link to review here

Article for John Zorn’s Arcana series in the works

Article for John Zorn’s Arcana series in the works… to be published in 2017… more on this soon…

Canada Day IV reviewed at Multi Kulti

Link to review in Polish here 



Downbeat 2016 Critics Poll Rising Star Percussion & Arranger Categories

Honored to be included in the Downbeat 2016 Critics Poll Rising Star Percussion (#2) & Arranger (#12) Categories.

Lists here

Jazz FM 91 feature on recent Afropop radio program


Old Growth Forest reviewed at Point of Departure

Link to review here

Old Growth Forest features an augmented version of drummer Harris Eisenstadt’s old trio with Chicago-based bassist Jason Roebke and fellow Windy City trombonist Jeb Bishop. Ten years ago, when he moved from Los Angeles to New York, Eisenstadt decided to expand the ensemble into a quartet that included saxophonist Tony Malaby. Unfortunately, gigs for a tour were scarce, so the project was shelved until September 2015, when Eisenstadt reunited the original members to play during his month-long residency at The Stone. The band went into the studio immediately afterwards to record this rich, expansive album.

This long-gestating venture features a delicate balance between freedom and form, lending the proceedings a looser, more spontaneous feel than some of Eisenstadt’s other more compositionally-minded endeavors, such as his various Canada Day units. Nonetheless, the record’s eight compositions all convey enough basic structure to provide direction for his bandmates to impart a poetic sensibility to each of the songs.

Most of the album’s tunes are named after old growth trees; “Larch” opens the set with a delightfully circuitous theme, setting the stage for a series of brawny brass and reed extrapolations. In contrast, “Pine” reveals a tentatively abstract vibe, roiling with subterranean trombone ululations punctuated by turbulent tenor testimonials. Alternating moods continue through the set: the angular “Redwood” features blistering horn interchanges at a brisk tempo, while “Spruce” unfolds in relaxed fashion, underscored by pointillist embellishments and languid glissandos. “Fir” continues the proceedings’ elegant deportment, highlighting the leader’s nimble dexterity, whereas “Big Basin” and “Cedar” close out the date with boldly expressive statements; the former contains some of Malaby and Bishop’s most unabashedly lyrical exchanges on record. Malaby and Bishop also weave contrapuntal improvisations full of ecstatic brio throughout the date. Their muscular interplay rarely abandons formal constraints, but finds novel ways to reinterpret the material. Roebke’s melodic bass holds down the mid-range for the frontline, while Eisenstadt, a magnanimous leader and tasteful drummer, encourages his colleagues with supple rhythm shifts and colorful textural embellishments.

Compared to Eisenstadt’s sophisticated and heavily arranged Canada Day compositions, the blowing vehicles presented by the quartet showcase a different side of his abilities, both as a composer and performer, while hinting at his unbridled percussive prowess as a sideman – documented on recent releases like Larry Ochs’ phenomenal The Fictive Five (Tzadik, 2015) or the drummer’s numerous contributions to trumpeter Nate Wooley’s projects. Revealing ample sonic variety, Old Growth Forest keenly demonstrates the visceral appeal of Eisenstadt’s more freewheeling approach.

–Troy Collins

NY Times previews Recent Developments June 15 gig

Preview here

Harris Eisenstadt: ‘Recent Developments’ (Wednesday) “Recent Developments” sounds like language from a research study, but it’s also the new body of work by Mr. Eisenstadt, a freethinking yet methodical drummer and composer. Here he leads a nonet including the cellist Hank Roberts, the flutist Anna Webber, the trumpeter Nate Wooley and the banjoist Brandon Seabrook. At 8 p.m., ShapeShifter Lab, 18 Whitwell Place, Park Slope, Brooklyn, (Chinen)

Canada Day IV & Songlines feature at AAJ

Review here

Old Growth Forest reviewed at Son de Grisli

Review (in French) here

Concert review in Culture Jazz (FR) of Canada Day gig in Caen

Review (in French) here

Concert review of Canada Day in Parede, Portugal

Review (in Portuguese) here

Canada Day gigs preview Time Out Lisboa

Time Out Lisboa Concert Pick of the Week 

PDF here

Concert review of Canada Day in Caen, France

Review (in French) here 

Old Growth Forest gets 4 stars in Downbeat

“…a timeless sensibility.”

Review on p.70 of online edition here

Old Growth Forest reviewed at Dusty Grooove

“…boldly modern and individual.”

Link here

Old Growth Forest reviewed in NYC Jazz Record

Link to pdf review here

Free Jazz Blog reviews Old Growth Forest

Link here

Afropop Worldwide radio program airs

My first foray into radio production:

 ”Africa in Matanzas: El Almacen is Walking” airs on Peabody-award winning Afropop Worldwide (distributed by PRI) and streams, along with extended interviews and links to Sendero/el almacen videos, at

Gracias a todos Luis Bran, Alé Perez, Fito, Puchito, Amanda Villepastour, Ned Sublette, Stephanie Lebow, Liliam Cedeno, Marcus Milius, Mario Allende, Banning Eyre, Sean Barlow, Georges Collinet

Afropop Worldwide radio program here

Luis Bran interview here

Liliam Cedeno interview here

Video feature here

Canada Day IV reviewed at Freejazz blog

Link here

Old Growth Forest on Taran’s Free Jazz Hour (France)

Link here

Old Growth Forest reviewed in Na Mira (Brazil)

Scroll down to linked review (in Portuguese) here

Old Growth Forest reviewed in Citizen Jazz (France)

Review in French here

Old Growth Forest on Tomajazz (Spain)

Stream here

Old Growth Forest reviewed by Tom Hull

Harris Eisenstadt: Old Growth Forest (2016, Clean Feed)). Quartet, Jeb Bishop (trombone) and Tony Malaby (tenor sax) the horns, Jason Roebke on bass. I’m a little surprised that the horns don’t make a bigger splash, but the rhythm undercuts whatever they do, and is more interesting for that. B+(***)

Old Growth Podcast on Músicas No Plural podcast (Portugal)

22 February 2016 podcast streaming here

Old Growth Forest reviewed in Norway

Review (in Norwegian) here

Interview in Village La Foret (Belgium)

Interview (in French) here

Old Growth Forest reviewed (Lithuania)

Review (in Lithuanian) here

Old Growth Forest reviewed in Musicworks (Canada)

Link here

Old Growth Forest released on Clean Feed Records (PT)

Multi Kulti (PL) reviews Golden State

Review (in Polish) here

Back from Cuba

Back from my second multi-week research trip to Mantazas, Cuba. This time I was producing a radio program/podcast about the Matanzas record label/artist collective Sendero Music/El Almacén, as well as studying batá with Idalberto “Puchito” Pérez, musical director of AfroCuba de Matanzas.

Old Growth Forest reviewed in Salt Peanuts (Norway)

“A brilliant recording of four of America’s best jazz musicians of today.”

Review (in Norwegian) here


Canada Day IV back at #1 on Earshot radio charts (Canada)

List here

Canada Day IV & Golden State II on Earshot Best of 2015 list

List here

Canada Day IV on Acoustic Levitation 2015 list

List here

Canada Day IV & Golden State II Italian radio feature

Program here

Canada Day IV on CKUT best of 2015 list

List here

Canada Day IV on NYCJR, Honorable Mention Best of 2015


Golden State II & Canada Day IV on WWOZ (New Orleans) best of 2015 lists

List here

Canada Day IV on Hullworks 2015 Critics Poll

Listed here

Canada Day IV on Elsehwere (New Zealand) Best of 2015 list

Scroll down to “Chris P” here 


track from Canada Day IV in Downbeat holiday playlist

Playlist here

Canada Day IV back at #1 on Canadian campus jazz radio

Chart here… 7th week on charts, 5th at #1

Canada Day IV reviewed in Neue Zurcher Zeitung (CH)

Link to review in German here

Canada Day IV gets 4 stars in All About Jazz Italy

Review (in Italian) here

Canada Day IV & Golden State II on Jazzrightnow Best of 2015 list

List here

track from Canada Day IV on Downbeat December playlist

Link here

Canada Day IV reviewed in La Scena Musicale (Canada)

“Eisenstadt avoids all drumming displays to better enhance his sidemen’s contributions…. A contemporary jazz of the first order.” – Marc Chenard

Canada Day IV on Howard Mandel’s Best of 2015 list

List here

Canada Day IV #1 on Canadian jazz radio for 4th week in a row

Chart here

Canada Day #1 on Canadian jazz radio for 3rd week in a row

Chart here

Canada Day IV reviewed at CKUT

“A masterpiece of modern jazz.”

Full review here

Canada Day IV on Purojazz radio (in Spanish)

Link here

Canada Day IV 2nd week at #1 on Canadian jazz radio

Chart here

Canada Day IV debuts at #1 on Canadian jazz radio

Charts here

NY Times reviews Nate Wooley’s new record

“As for the drummer Harris Eisenstadt and the bassist Eivind Opsvik, they bring a light touch to a heavy assignment.”

Full review here

Canada Day reviewed at Jazz Weekly

“Subtle in thought and deed.”

Link to review here

Canada Day IV reviewed in The Whole Note

“Eisenstadt’s compositions keep inviting the band members to further invention while anchoring them in often complex designs that reference his interests in African and Cuban rhythmic patterns.” – Stuart Broomer

Link to full review here

4 1/2 stars in Downbeat for Canada Day IV

**** 1/2 stars for Canada Day IV

Link to Downbeat December 2015 online issue here . Review on p.80

Canada Day IV reviewed at Gapplegate

“An outstanding voice in the new jazz, a formidable talent that needs to be heard.”

Full review here

Long interview re: Canada Day IV on the Songlines site

Link here

The Province (Canada) features Songlines

Stuart Derdeyn interviews Songlines label head Tony Reif, and features music from Canada Day III and IV, among others.

Link here

Canada Day IV reviewed in Dusted Magazine


While the name of this ensemble invites you to think first of geography, it’s a bit misleading. Only drummer/composer/bandleader Harris Eisenstadt comes from Canada; the rest are US citizens, all currently based in or near New York. But while this combo benefits from the myriad connections that saxophonist Matt Bauder, trumpeter Nate Wooley, bassist Pascal Niggenkemper, and vibraphonist Chris Dingman have established in their own and other people’s bands, the character of Eisenstadt’s compositions ensure that you’ll never mix this record up with Bauder’sNightshades or Wooley’s (Sit In) The Throne Of Friendship despite exploring a similar intersection of ‘60s jazz forms and contemporary instrumental approaches. Eisenstadt is hardly the first jazz musician to honor Wayne Shorter—a few years back he did an album of Shorter’s compositions—but he’s unique in the way he emulates Shorter’s embrace of elusiveness. Oftentimes it’s the instrument that pulls back that defines a passage as much as the featured soloist, and the vulnerable quiver more than the muscular statement that establishes a piece’s mood. And Eisenstadt’s own playing is showcased more in the way he manages the surges and surfaces behind the other players than in foregrounded statements. His subtlety is not going to bowl you over, but it exerts a gravity that’ll pull a listener right in.  - Bill Meyer


Link here

Canada Day IV reviewed in Cadence

HARRIS EISENSTADT has produced a very fine recording in CANADA DAY IV  using a well rehearsed quintet. Well rehearsed is not meant to be derogatory in that it’s stale or perfunctory. Rather, in this case I mean it’s delivered as seamless units [7 originals by Eisenstadt] perfectly set as compositions to offset the quintet’s improvisations. The offset between the percussion/bass against the horns works very well; Dingman’s incandescent vibes at times can in effect set a vertiginous wall creating sort of compartments for the music to move episodes forward. Eisenstadt has, with the exception of Niggenkemper, managed to keep this group together for almost a decade and they make fine music together. Bauder and Wooley are continually interesting and if Niggenkemper is the one to finally fill the bass chair he is a good choice, as he covers well the range from strict time to more avant sounds. The leader speaks of the air [they] let into the music and thats another important element here. A rewarding and challenging listen.

Old Growth Forest gig reviewed in NYC Jazz Record

From the October 2015 Ny@Night column:

“To open his weeklong residency at The Stone, drummer Harris Eisenstadt debuted a new quartet, Old Growth Forest, with saxophonist Tony Malaby, trombonist Jeb Bishop and bassist Jason Roebke; it could have been called Deep Dish versus Thin Crust given the Chicago/ New York juxtaposition (though Eisenstadt is Canadian and Bishop is now based in North Carolina). The seven tunes—to appear next year on a Clean Feed release the band would record shortly after the gig—were mostly named for trees found on Wikipedia, Eisenstadt quipped, and were marked by what makes the leader such an interesting composer: an anachronistic concern for melody as well as harmony and a knack for shifting emphases, such that the focus moved around the band like some multi-spatial baton relay. Bishop and Malaby, infrequent partners, made up a compelling frontline, if one excuses the inaccurate hierarchical nomenclature, both capable of forcefulness and subtlety as well as extended techniques and textural diversions, while Eisenstadt countered Roebke’s rhythmic gooeyness with understated commentary. The pieces mostly hovered in the 7-10-minute range, “Spruce” stretching to 15 and “Fir” a spritely 4 to close the set. To belabor the arboreal theme, the tunes had the flexibility of willows swaying in the wind, loping or plodding rhythms contrasted by quirky melodic lines, a horn soloing briefly before being joined by or argued with by the other. One could certainly see the forest for the trees.” – Andrey Henkin 

Canada Day IV reviewed in Textura

Full review here

Golden State reviewed in Citizen Jazz (France)

Full review (in French) here

Canada Day IV reviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air

Link to audio and transcript here

Step Tempest Canada Day IV review


“….continues a streak of impressive recordings.”

Link here

The New Yorker previews “Aberikula” at The Stone

“On Wednesday, as part of a residency organized by the Canadian drummer and composer Harris Eisenstadt, New York’s TILT Brass performs Eisenstadt’s “Aberikula,” a work for brass quartet inspired by the rhythms of Cuban drumming.”

Preview here

Village Voice Stone residency preview

“A protean composer of the highest order.” – Brad Cohan

Full preview here

Canada Day IV & Golden State II reviewed at El Intruso

 talented musician, in full artistic maturity, with the will to continue on his creative way.” – Sergio Piccirilli

Full review in Spanish here


Canada Day IV Downtown Music Gallery review


Link here

“This disc gets better each time I listen to it.” – Bruce Gallanter

Stone Residency Preview in Time Out NY



Preview here

Canada Day IV NYCJR “Recommended New Release” & Review

rec new nycjr

cdiv nycjr

“It’s not every drummer with a touch that refined.” – David ADler



Canada Day IV reviewed at All About Jazz


“A magnanimous but engaging bandleader… exceptional…” – Troy Collins

Full review here

Jazz Beyond Jazz Feature and Residency Preview

“Subtle and Substantive”

- Howard Mandel

full Feature/Preview here


Jazz Right Now Stone Residency Feature

Feature here

El Intruso on Stone Res & Canada Day IV

“The current year is shaping up as one of the most fertile and prolific of his career.”

Full preview in Spanish here.

Stone Residency Poster










Golden State II reviewed in All About jazz Italia

Full review in Italian here

2015 Downbeat Critics Poll, Rising Star Percussionist & Arranger categories

Honored to be included in the Downbeat 2015 International Critics Poll (#3 Rising Star Percussion & #18 Arranger)  

Golden State at #2 on Canadian jazz radio

…for the week of June 16. Chart here

Golden State II #3 on Canadian jazz radio

Golden State II still on Canadian jazz radio top 10 at #3, four months after release, for the week of June 9…

Chart here.

Golden State II reviewed in The Whole Note

“… a rhythmic base propelled with sophisticated understatement.”

Full review here.

NYC Jazz Record Golden State II review

“A quiet passion burns throughout.”

Full review on p.22 of June NYCJR here

Golden State II (brief) review by Tom Hull

Link here

Golden State II reviewed at Obduvel (in Dutch)

Link here.

Golden State II #5 on Canadian jazz radio

List here

Golden State II AAJ review

“The forces of individualism and solidarity are both alive and well here.”

Full review here.

Golden State II reviewed in Jazz Tokyo

Full review in Japanese here.

Golden State II Free Jazz blog review

“A quiet, highly concentrated intensity filled with dynamic interplay and creative improvisations…”

Full review here

Golden State II reviewed in Textura

“Collective tales of invention and wonderment throughout…

“Full review here

Gapplegate Golden State II review

“A unique voice on the modern jazz scene. A composer of sophisticated smarts, a bandleader who knows how to bring out the unique qualities of the players he gathers about him, and a drummer who has his own way.”

Link here

Bird is the Worm Golden State II

“This is Jazz Today.”

Link here

Golden State II Bird is the Worm Review

“… jaw-dropping displays of soulfulness…”

Link to full review here

Golden State II CD release concert previews

 NY Times preview here.

Time Out NY preview here

Golden State II AMN pick of the week

Link here

Canada Day Ibeam residency NY Times preview

From the Jan 23-29 NY Times:

Harris Eisenstadt and Canada Day (Friday and Saturday) A venturesome drummer and composer, Mr. Eisenstadt walks the line between free-form exploration and meticulous composition with Canada Day, with the trumpeter Nate Wooley, the saxophonist Matt Bauder, the vibraphonist Chris Dingman and the bassist Pascal Niggenkemper. The band plays each night at 8 p.m., followed by another group: on Friday it’s the Vinnie Sperrazza Trio (for which there’s a separate listing); on Saturday it will be the Jeff Davis Quartet. At IBeam, 168 Seventh Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn, (Chinen)

Link here

Golden State AAJ review from Music Unlimited 28 Fest

“The second set—by Brooklyn-based drummer-composer Harris Eisenstadt’s Golden State Quartet, in its European incarnation with partner and bassoon player Sara Schoenbeck, clarinetist Michael Moore and double bassist Pascal Niggenkemper—presented Eisenstadt’s ambitious musical vision. His wise compositions suggest intricate, haunting textures that blur distinction between the composed elements and highly personal, improvised interpretations. Eisenstadt’s assured, non-hierarchical leadership emphasized a delicate balance between subtle, economical polyrhythmic pulse and loose skeletal forms. Exploration of the acoustic instruments’ timbral range and generous freedom enabled each musician to expand on their own unique language.”

Eyal Hareuveni’s All About Jazz review of the full festival here

NY Times & Time Out NY previews for Canada Day gig @ Sound it Out series

NY Times

Time Out NY

Adler plays Eisenstadt for Waits’ Jazz Times Before & After

Honored to be one of the drummers David Adler played for the great Nasheet Waits in this month’s Jazz Times. Link here.

Interview on Belgian radio program “Jazz Rules”


Link to interview in last fifteen minutes of Belgian radio program “Jazz Rules”

German and Belgian concert reviews from Canada Day November 2014 European Tour

Schwarzwaelder Bote

Blog Esthetica


Feature at Radio Sefarad (in Spanish)

Link here

NY Times Golden State Ibeam preview

“A venturesome drummer and composer, Mr. Eisenstadt likes to walk the line between free-form exploration and meticulous composition. He leads this texture-rich new ensemble — with the clarinetist Chris Speed, the bassoonist Sara Schoenbeck and the bassist Pascal Niggenkemper — in advance of a European tour, playing music from a forthcoming album.”

Link here

Time Out NY Golden State Ibeam preview

“… a band led by Harris Eisenstadt, a drummer-composer who’s always hatching fresh, compelling projects. Here, he presents his lithe chamber-jazz quartet, Golden State.”

Link here

Fall 2014 Golden State and Canada Day NY & Europe concert posters

Golden State review in Whole Note

 ”Every bit as surprising as you might expect.” – Stuart Broomer

Scroll to bottom of link for full review.

Canada Day and Golden State Bands pages updated

 Click on the Bands link at the top by the trees.

Vancouver Sun reviews Golden State at Jazz Fest: “not a law firm but a drummer-bandleader…”

“You hear the term “chamber jazz” often, but it best describes what the quartet Golden State performed at The Ironworks on Saturday. Harris Eisenstadt, not a law firm but a drummer-bandleader, had the quartet (drums, bass, clarinet, bassoon) engaging in grooves, disengaging for some free play, then re-engaging. Fresh, pleasant sounds emerged from the stage. If that ain’t chamber jazz, I don’t know what is.”

Link to full review here

3rd in Rising Star, Percussion category, Downbeat 2014 critics’ poll

p.65 of Downbeat August 2014 eedition. Pdf here.

Golden State North America Tour Press

“Pure magic… a rare compositional talent.”   – All About Jazz… re: Ottawa Jazz Fest performance… full  review here.

Georgia Straight (Vancouver) preview here. 

La Scena Musicale Golden State Review

“Drummer Harris Eisenstadt presents here a piano-less quartet with an unlikely combina- tion of flute (Nicole Mitchell) and bassoon (Sarah Schoenbeck, Eisenstadt’s partner), with Mark Dresser on double bass. A Toronto native who has lived in the United States for some time, Eisenstadt has released several discs for the Vancouver label Songlines, This latest offering of his is very much a chamber jazz ensemble working on delicate textures and a fair amount of composed material, but is open to individual or collective improvisations. Seven tracks are presented on this disc lasting not quite 50 minutes, a reasonable run time that makes us want to listen to the music again. This quartet is coming our way in June, minus the flute player, kept home for family reasons. Subbing for her will be Michael Moore on clarinet, an expat now living in Holland, and a fine choice for a replacement, too.” (June 20, 9:00 p.m., Café Résonance) – La Scena Musicale (Montreal)

Aberikula @ Red Hook Jazz Fest 6/8, NY Times, Village Voice, Macnie World previews


NY Times preview here

“10 Best Jazz shows in June” Village Voice preview here

Macnie World preview here

Golden state Jazz Colours (Italy) review

from the June 2014 issue of Jazz Colours (IT):

Nuovo, luminoso capitolo della saga musicale di Harris Eisenstadt: batterista, compositore e bandleader di sicuro talento, mente musicale tra le più fervide ed originali dell’ultimo decennio. La presente incisione, quindicesima a suo nome, e la scelta dei musicisti fanno seguito ad una residenza, nel 2012, presso la CalArts (Istituto Californiano per le Arti). Qui Eisenstadt e la moglie Sara Schoenbeck, hanno avuto modo di suonare con Dresser e Mitchell. La scelta dei musicisti è stata in qualche modo consequenziale e oculatissima nonché del tutto congruente con le idee musicali del leader. Spicca qui, sopra tutti e tutto, il magistero tecnico e musicale di Mark Dresser: il timbro scuro e il drive poderoso del suo contrabbasso, insieme alla scrittura, obliqua, attenta e raffinatissima di Eisenstadt, dànno l’impulso e indicano la direzione musicale con una autorevolezza e forza rare. La musica di “Golden State” è così costruita sulla contrapposizione tra il duo contrabbasso-batteria, energetico e dinamico, e la lieve, stravinskijana scrittura per il flauto e il fagotto variamente armonizzati. Nella scelta timbrica forse un personale omaggio alla tradizione della West Coast, ma le analogie — superficiali — finiscono qui perché la scrittura di Eisenstadt è “modernamente” scissa nella contrapposizione tra due tradizioni musicali solo in apparenza distanti. Eisenstadt stupisce, più che altrove, per facilità e felicità compositiva. Nell’iniziale What Is a Straw Horse, Anyways? Dresser e Eisenstadt, in grande evidenza, forniscono una pulsazione ritmica di grande energia, con ritmi sempre spezzati più vicini ad atmosfere rock, a cui si contrappongono frammenti melodici esposti dai fiati, variamente armonizzati o all’unisono, che conducono ad un tema di stravinskijana memoria. Ma il ritmo può poi dissolversi e può rimanere lo svolazzare di flauto e fagotto raggiunti dall’archetto di Dresser. Dogmatic in Any Case è un esempio dell’abilità e ricchezza compositiva di Eisenstadt: dopo la brevissima esposizione di un primo tema in cadenza libera, il contrabbasso, poderoso e mobilissimo, rimane solo e diventa l’elemento attorno cui si muovono, circospetti, i due fiati; è ancora il contrabbasso a muovere la musica facendo fiorire un nuovo, originalissimo, tema; poi gli assoli dei fiati e l’interludio batteristico, ogni volta con una falsa chiusa da cui germogliano nuovi temi, prima della ricapitolazione. I musicisti qui impegnati, eccetto il leader, hanno frequentato Braxton, ma il riferimento al maestro chicagoano è di metodo, e sta nel rigore e nella ricerca di un personale pensiero musicale. Braxton non dà ai suoi allievi indicazioni stilistiche e tecniche puntuali, forse proprio per ciò da quegli insegnamenti continuano a nascere nuove, originali musiche._An.Ga.



Vancouver Jazz Fest feature

In advance of several performances at the 2014 Vancouver Jazz Festival, artistic director and longtime friend Ken Pickering wrote a feature here.

NY Times preview for Canada Day Residency

Link here

Time Out NY previews Canada Day 5/21-24 Brooklyn residency

Link to preview here.

Canada Council touring grant recipient for summer 2014 festivals






Delighted to announce I’ve been awarded a Canada Council touring grant to support Golden State’s Canadian and American Jazz festivals tour June 19 – July 1. Please see tour page for details.

Aberikula feature at Search and Restore

Link to interview here

Time Out NY preview for Aberikula

“Harris Eisenstadt, a drummer-composer who’s always hatching fresh, well-plotted projects, unveils his latest band: Aberikula, a quintet inspired by the sacred (as opposed to secular) tradition of Cuban batá drumming.”

Link here.

Article on my recent Cuba trip at NPR’s A Blog Supreme

Link here.

Regal Tip Artist page posted

Link here.

Golden State reviewed in Blowup Magazine (Italy)

Golden State reviewed at “Entre les lignes entre les mots”

Link to review in French here.

Golden State reviewed in Italian at Scrivere di Jazz

Link to review here.

2013 El Intruso Poll journalist shout-outs

Thanks to the following journalists for including me in the drummer and composer categories of the El Intruso 2013 International Critics Poll:

Sergio Piccirilli – composer, drummer
Cayetano Lopez – composer
Antonio Branco – drummer
Michael Nastos – drummer
Esteban Arizpe Castañeda – drummer
Craig Premo – composer, drummer
Stef Gjissels – drummer
Hank Shteamer – composer

3rd on Drummer of the Year list, 2013 El Intruso International Critics Poll

Full lists here

The Destructive Element on Vallejo Nocturno best of 2013 list

Link here.

The Destructive Element on WTJU best of 2013 list

Full list here.

The Destructive Element on Jazzthetik best of 2013

The Destructive Element on One Man’s Jazz best of 2013

List here.

The Destructive Element on Percorsi Musicali best of 2013

List here.

The Destructive Element on Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches best of 2013

“I’m consistently impressed by this drummer/composer’s ability to build bands that matter, that have something to say. The compositions… seem to be Eisenstadt’s love letters to his collaborators.”

Link here.

Golden State on CKUT’s best of 2013 list

List here.

Regal Tip Endorsement

Excited to announce I’ve become a Regal Tip endorser. I’ve played their brushes forever and am way into their sticks and mallets. Honored to be with them.



Golden State and The Destructive Element on best of 2013

Best records list here.

Best live creative music list here.


Golden State and The Destructive Element on NPR best of 2013 lists

Thanks to the following critics for including my 2013 releases on their NPR top 10 lists:

The Destructive Element
Alain Drouot #2
George Grella #8
Hank Shteamer #9

Golden State
Howard Mandel #4
Michael Nastos #9 

Lists here.

The Destructive Element on The Big City blog best of 2013

List here.

The Destructive Element on Avant Music News best of 2013 list

Full list here.

The Destructive Element on ChristophWagnerMusic best of 2013

Link here.

Golden State & Slow and Steady on Improvised Blog best of 2013 list

List here

The Destructive Element on Hank Shteamer’s JJA Best of 2013 list

List here.

Re-configured News page coming soon

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I’m in the process of trying to make the News page work better, so it works as a more efficient archive with more streamlined functionality. So, re-configured News page coming soon…

Golden State Point of Departure review

“… his newest and most unusual endeavor… a salient example of his affinity for writing improvisation-based pieces designed to be performed by orchestral instruments… borders on the clairvoyant… a singularly captivating effort.”

Full review here

The Destructive Element on Jazz Prospecting Best of 2013 list

List here.

Golden State Jazz Inside review

“An inventive drummer who sounds unlike anyone else, Harris Eisenstadt is probably most significant as a composer who has been involved with some of the most stimulating music of the past decade… Golden State is fascinating and continually surprising music.”

Scroll through pdf to p.51

Jazztimes Destructive Element weblink

“Drop-dead gorgeous.”

Link here.

Golden State reviewed in The Province (Vancouver)


Review here.

Long interview posted on Songlines website

Link here.

Feature at

“One of the most active figures on the New York creative music scene over the past decade.”

Feature here

The Destructive Element Jazz Times review

“Drop-dead gorgeous… simple, sophisticated, sublime.”


September Trio reviewed at Bird is the Worm

“A down home ambiance that’s tough not to fall for.”

Full review here.

Golden State reviewed at Dusty Groove

“A unique sense of timing and spacing.”

Full review here.

Golden State reviewed at Step Tempest

“Irresistible… this is music that breathes… one feels refreshed by this sonic experience.”

Full review here.

Golden State AAJ Italy review

Link here (in Italian).

Golden State NYC Jazz Record Review

“Eisenstadt’s sophisticated themes ignore hierarchal roles to showcase unexpected instrumental blends, matching the rigor of so-called classical music with the freedom of improvisation. Consider “Dogmatic in Any Case”; as the rhythm… By letting the soloists and compositions be the primary focus, Eisenstadt suggests that his music has the potential to be as transformative as other nonidiomatic composers like Anthony Braxton.”




Golden State review

“His most daring and exploratory work to date.”

Review here.

Golden State Emusic review

“A prolific yet distinctive stylist who operates in myriad ensembles with a consistently high level of quality control.”

Full review here.

Golden State – Emusic Jazz Picks of the Week

“A terrifically intriguing collaboration.”

Link here

The Destructive Element reviewed in Tomajazz

Link to review in Spanish here.

The Destructive Element Whole Note review

“Challenging work that rewards close and repeated listening.”

Review on page 65. Link to pdf here

Downbeat Player Profile

“There is indeed a balance of thought and feeling in Eisenstadt’s music.”

Feature here.

The Destructive Element Gapplegate review

“A minor masterpiece.”

Full review here.

Golden State New Music box review

“An engaging (and fun!) musical statement.”

Full review here.

The Destructive Element review in Jazzflits (in Dutch)

Link  here.

Jazz Alchemist Canada Day III review

“A collection of brilliant compositions, strikingly modern yet also very accessible.”

Full review here.

Golden State AAJ review

“Eisenstadt’s prolific compositional prowess continues to yield significant rewards.”

Full review here.

Macnie World shout out for The Destructive Element

“Strong band. Marvelous album.” – Jim Macnie

Link here.

The Destructive Element Noiself review

Full review in Spanish here.

Feature on German journalist’s blog

Feature in German on Christoph Wagner’s blog here.

Feature in Colby Magazine

Link here.

The Destructive Element review at Jazzitis

Full review in Spanish here

Golden State NY Times Preview

Harris Eisenstadt’s Golden State (Thursday) A venturesome drummer and composer, Mr. Eisenstadt likes to walk the line between free-form exploration and meticulous composition, and this texture-rich new ensemble — with the flutist Nicole Mitchell, the bassoonist Sara Schoenbeck and the bassist Mark Dresser — should suit that purpose handily. (Mr. Dresser will perform an improvised solo set at 7:30 p.m..) At 8:15 p.m., Greenwich House Music School, 46 Barrow Street, West Village, (212) 242-4770;; $15, $10 for students. (Chinen)

The Destructive Element Point of Departure review

“A set of fine and energetically nuanced trio music gently prodded by crisp, dry movement.”

Full review here

Golden State Time Out NY Preview

“A drummer-composer who’s always hatching fresh, compelling projects, Harris Eisenstadt follows up a recent disc by his September Trio with a set from a new chamber-jazz outfit, Golden State—with flutist Nicole Mitchell, bassoonist Sara Schoenbeck and bassist Mark Dresser—heard on a forthcoming Songlines album.” 

The Destructive Element NYC Jazz Record review

“Eisenstadt garners as much recognition for his composing as for his instrumental performances… on The Destructive Element he manages to combine both in an expansive expressive delight.” – John Sharpe

Link to PDF

The Destructive Element KZSU review

“…cool but anguished blues.”

Full review here.

The Destructive Element reviewed at

Full review in Dutch here.

The Destructive Element reviewed at Cerebral Decanting

“Eisenstadt the drummer coaxes both whispers and clatter from his kit. Plus, every number claims a theme or statement worthy of the trio’s chops, which brings us back to Eisenstadt the composer.”

Full review here.

The Destructive Element gets 4 1/2 stars on Free Jazz Blog

“Highly recommended.”

Full review here.

The Destructive Element reviewed again in AAJ

“Celebrated for his musicality and leadership, drummer Harris Eisenstadt is a modernist who dispels preconceived notions…”

Full review here.

The Destructive Element Jazzwrap review

“Two years ago, I was floored by the self-titled debut session from this trio of New Yorkers, September Trio. Now with their follow up, The Destructive Element, I can say I’m not surprised by their brilliance. It’s just the way they are.”

Full review here.

The Destructive Element gets 4 stars in Time Out Lisboa

Review in Portuguese here.

The Destructive Element AAJ Review

“An unassuming mini-masterpiece.”

Full review here.

The Destructive Element on Top 10 Jazz Releases July 2013

Full list here.

The Destructive Element review

“Another interesting, sophisticated, and thoughtful album by one of the new generation’s most adept composers.”

Full review here.

Jazzpodium (DE) Feature

Rising Star, Percussion 2013 Downbeat Critic’s Poll

Honored to be included in the 2013 Downbeat Critic’s Poll in the Rising Star Percussion Category.

List here. 

September Trio Suedtirol Alto Adige Fest Preview

Honored to be featured alongside great drummers like Jim Black, Jeff Ballard a.o.

Preview (in German) here.

The Destructive Element gets 4 1/2 stars in AAJ Italy

The Destructive Element gets 4 1/2 stars in AAJ Italy.

Review in Italian here.

The Destructive Element Jazz Prospecting Review

Harris Eisenstadt September Trio: The Destructive Element (2012 [2013], Clean Feed): Drummer, b. 1975 in Toronto, father was also a drummer; has been prolific since 2002 — AMG lists 14 records, one (looks like) a dupe, but hasn’t logged this one yet. One of the best of those was his 2011September Trio with Ellery Eskelin on tenor sax and Angelica Sanchez on piano. Same group here: Eskelin is superb at stepping around the rhythms, while the pianist burns right through them, adding more along the way. A-

Link here.

The Destructive Element gets 4 stars in Audiophile Audition

“vibrant examples of Eisenstadt’s compositional forms.”

Full review here.

NY Times Rhythm in the Diaspora Fest Preview

Rhythm in the Diaspora Festival (Wednesday and Thursday) Organized by the drummer and composer Harris Eisenstadt, this two-day festival puts an emphasis on the interplay between jazz and folkloric drumming. An 8:30 p.m. set on Wednesday will feature the John Amira Afro Cuban Bata Drum Ensemble, led by Mr. Amira, an authority on Santeria rhythm; the 10 p.m. set that evening, performed by Sing Sing Rhythms, will be devoted to the sabar drumming style of Senegal. And on Thursday in two sets, at 8:30 p.m., Mr. Eisenstadt will lead his September Trio, with Ellery Eskelin on tenor saxophone and Angelica Sanchez on piano, in a celebration of its new album, “The Destructive Element” (Clean Feed). Cornelia Street Café, 29 Cornelia Street, Greenwich Village, (212) 989-9319,; $20 cover, which includes a drink. (Chinen)

 Link here.

5049 Podcast interview

Had a great time chatting with Jeremiah Cymerman on his 5049 Podcast. Link to download here. 

Radio Feature June 14 on SWR radio (DE)

Link to stream and info here.

Time Out NY Rhythm in the Diaspora Fest preview

“Drummer Harris Eisenstadt celebrates a handsome new disc by his September Trio, The Destructive Element, as part of a globe-trotting two-night percussion festival. The June 19 bill features Senegalese drum group Sing Sing Rhythms (10pm), as well John Amira’s Afro-Cuban Batá Drum Ensemble, performing Santeria rhythms rarely heard outside a ritual context. The June 20 bill features the September Trio itself—with Eisenstadt, saxist Ellery Eskelin and pianist Angelica Sanchez—presenting its uncommonly reflective and balladic brand of avant-jazz over the course of two sets.”

Link here.

The Destructive Element – AMN Pick of the Week

List here.

“The Best Jazz Shows in NYC this Month” – Village Voice

Rhythm in the Diaspora Festival shortlisted for Best Jazz shows in NYC in June by David Adler in the Village Voice. Link here.

The Destructive Element “Highly recommended.” – Emusic

Emusic New Jazz Picks of the Week (link here):

“A skeletal system formed of the blues, but like many Eisenstadt recordings, bones tend to warp and bend and dematerialize in ways not exactly human. But though this does possess many of the avant-garde characteristics of a typical Eisenstadt recording, it permeates a down home ambiance that’s tough not to fall for. Many tracks take the form of ballads, and held in combination with the blues, those were raw materials that Eisenstadt’s trio seemed to relish taking their time shaping, and that’s what gives the album much of its down-home demeanor. Highly Recommended.” – Dave Sumner


1st Annual Rhythm in the Diaspora Fest June 19-20 2013, NYC




The 1st Annual Rhythm in the Diaspora Festival takes place June 19-20, 2013 at the Cornelia Street Café in New York City. Founded with the intention of presenting the jazz drumming tradition in conjunction with rhythm traditions of the diaspora, the 1st Annual Rhythm in the Diaspora Festival will give listeners the rare opportunity to hear Senegalese and Cuban sacred and secular rhythms, and will invite audiences to make connections between these ancestral rhythm languages and their much younger descendant, the drumset.


Press contact: Fully Altered Media

Matt Merewitz

Stephen Buono


Wednesday, June 19 – 8:30PM, $20 (incl. 1 drink)

John Amira, iya; Harris Eisenstadt, itotele; Lorne Watson, okonkolo
For this intimate concert audiences will be treated to a sequence of Santeria salute rhythms to the Orishas rarely heard outside of ritual performance. John Amira is a master drummer with over 40 years experience in his specialty of Haitian and Cuban music. He has performed with top artists (Celia Cruz, Tito Puente); in theater (“A Season In The Congo,” “Shango De Ima”­); in film (“American Gangster”); on T.V., radio, and recordings. He teaches, performs and lectures at universities throughout the US. He is the author of “The Music of Santeria”.


Wednesday, June 19 – 10:00PM, $20 (incl. 1 drink)

Soiree Senegalaise featuring SING SING RHYTHMS
Cheikh Tairou MbayeAbdou MbayeBabacar Mbaye

For this special “soiree Senegalaise,” the members of Sing Sing Rhythms will present songs and rhythms from the virtuosic sabar drum repertoire of Senegal. A traditional sabar drum and dance company made up of Wolof griots (keepers of the history) from Medina, Senegal, Sing Sing Rhythms was originally the name of a family group organized by Mbaye Dieye Faye (Youssou N’Dour’s percussionist) in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Family members relocated to New York City in the late 1990s and took up their current name.


Thursday, June 20 – 8:30PM, $20 (incl. 1 drink) 
Angelica Sanchez, piano;  Ellery Eskelin, tenor sax;  Harris Eisenstadt, drums, comps.

September Trio returns to Cornelia to celebrate the release of “The Destructive Element,” their second album for Clean Feed, recorded in Portugal after a European tour fall 2012. They’ll return to Europe the week after this New York engagement.  “It’s unlikely that there’s ever been a CD quite like this one.” – Stuart Broomer, New York City Jazz Record, re: September Trio’s first recording (Clean Feed, 2011)

Free Jazz Blog review Mears 5tet

“… and Eisenstadt you may wonder? Well, he is just amazing, full of ideas, perfect timing and amazing interactions, knowing when to limit himself to some quiet rumbling or when to move the music to higher levels.”

Full review here.

Feature in Revista Raices

Spanish-language Revista Raices feature


III gets 4 stars in All About Jazz Italy

Full review in Italian here.

FH5 +1 nominated for Juno

FH5+1 nominated for 2013 Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year Juno Award. List of nominees here.


Dark Was the Night short feature

In Spanish. Link here.

El Intruso Poll 2012 Short List, Composer of the Year

Honored to be included for the second time in three years,  alongside heroes like Smith, Threadgill, Braaxton.

 Link here.


III on Noiself Top Jazz of 2012

Full article in Spanish here.

Barry Altschul interview published at Destination Out

In three installments:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

September Trio Improjazz Review

In French. Link here.



Jazzthetik Feature

Feature in the German Jazz Magazine Jazzthetik.



El Intruso Golden State concert review

“Golden State provides a lesson in musical interpretation with authority, grace, and elegance.” – Sergio Piccirili,

Full review in Spanish here.

III on Dark Was the Night Best of 2012

List here.

III Octet & FH5 +1 on CKUT Best of 2012

Link here.

III on Disphony Best of 2012

“Harris is always inventive, and the closer on this disc is one of my favorites of the year.”

Scroll down to December 12 here.

III Bird is the Worm review

“One of the most important composers on the scene… forward-thinking, inventive, and expressive.”

Full review here.

III Modern Drummer Feb 2013 Review

Review not on-line. Here it is:

“Not based in melody yet melodious, not based in strict forms but smartly structured, the compositions on drummer/leader Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day III (Songlines) take surprising arcs. Eisenstadt’s playing – orchestrated, colorful, airy yet propelling – flows from a composer’s mind. The richly timbred quintet Canada Day includes vibes, trumpet, tenor sax, and bass, and each instrumentalist solos judiciously, serving the ensemble momentum. Vibraphonist Chris Dingman is particularly crafty shading harmonic tension and release. An engaging left-of-center pleasure from an artist to watch.” – Jeff Potter

III on JJA Pres. Howard Mandel’s Best of 2012 List

“Calm, precise yet color-filled compositions for a quintet of matured NYC pros who’ve learned to play together closely over three albums and several tours.”

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Jazzword III & Octet double review

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“Cerebral but plenty funky.”

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“If you ever have the opportunity to see either one or both of these ensembles, you must do so.” – Richard Kamins, Steptempest

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Dark Forces Swing Best of 2012 III & Octet double review

“A mainstay of my year-end lists… magical… both discs highly recommended.”

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New September Trio Promo Film

Harris Eisenstadt September Trio Featurette in Vimeo


III & Octet on Hank Shteamer’s JJA Best of 2012 List

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III on John GIlbreath’s KEXP Top Ten of 2012

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III and Octet Jazz Times Double Review


Canada Day III (Songlines)

Canada Day Octet (482 Music)


Far more than other instrumentalists, drummer/leaders tend to feel the need to qualify their compositional efforts as being “not a drummer’s record,” as if sitting behind the kit limits one’s imagination to explosive percussive outbursts. With two new releases for his Canada Day ensemble, one the third release by the core quintet and the other with an augmented octet, Harris Eisenstadt obviously doesn’t feel the need for such declarations. Not that either album finds Eisenstadt hogging the spotlight for extended solo turns; both, however, showcase the inventive ways in which he can translate his identity as a drummer into a striking compositional voice.


That inspiration comes in part through the intricate use of rhythm. The presence of vibraphonist Chris Dingman in place of a pianist or guitarist serves to offer the possibility of a rhythmic or melodic voice, and Eisenstadt takes full advantage. Contrast the way that each of Dingman’s volleys seems to ripple through the leader’s playing on “A Whole New Amount of Interactivity” with the way that the chiming vibes combine with Garth Stevenson’s husky bass to conjure the sly melody of “The Magician of Lublin.” But it’s also expressed via the combination of textures, especially in the interaction of Nate Wooley and Matt Bauder, both of whom have expansive inside/outside approaches. So Wooley’s trumpet can sputter and squeal on the jittery “Nosey Parker” and dig into a deep muted swing on “Magician.” Bauder is tenderly lyrical on “Song for Sara” (penned for Eisenstadt’s wife, bassoonist Sara Schoenbeck), breathy and crepuscular on “King of the Kutiriba.” Even when he cedes control, the entire band understands the way in which their voices meld, as in the clutter of isolated sounds that concludes “Interactivity.”


Canada Day Octet supplements the quintet with trombone, alto and tuba, and takes a more orchestral approach to composing for the group. Four of the album’s five tracks comprise a suite entitled “The Ombudsman,” named for the way Eisenstadt’s music mediates between complexity and accessibility, structure and freedom. It’s an apt reference given the sweep of his writing. The leader’s crisp, riveting opening solo is soon accompanied by a horn fanfare, and by the end of the first section’s fourteen minutes the collective has broken apart into a whirlpool of free improvisation. Eisenstadt employs even this larger collective with an ear toward the way each element works within and against the whole, whether corralling the ensemble into the lovely palette-cleansing colors of the final track, “Ballad for 10.6.7” (undoubtedly the prettiest outcome of computer frustrations in recorded history) or paring down to small subdivisions: tuba and arco bass on “The Ombudsman 1,” cascading vibes over chattering drums on “2.”


With each new release, Canada Day is developing into a more intriguing ensemble as well as an ideal, malleable outlet for Eisenstadt’s distinctive concepts. SHAUN BRADY

Neue Zurcher Zeitung (CH) Feature

“Eisenstadt’s music is original and radiates transparency and clarity.” – Christoph Wagner

Full feature not on-line.  In German pdf-form only.

Jazz Times Feature

“His music trades on the balance of invention and cohesion, finding vivid beauty in the harmonious commingling of distinctly spontaneous voices.” – Shaun Brady

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4 stars for Octet in Cuadernos de Jazz

“A master at creating atmosphere tinged with positivity.” – Jesus Gonzalo.

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New All About Jazz Interview Feature Interview

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Metaljazz review of Golden State gig in LA

“this band stood out as a new supergroup in its field.” – Greg Burk

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4 stars for III in Jazz Magaine (France)

**** ” Organic drumming… exciting and inspired.”

Canada Day III get 5 stars in Jazz ‘n More

***** “Reminiscent of Gil Evans.” – Jurg Solothurmann

Golden StateMetaljazz preview

“This is kind of a big wow.” – Greg Burk

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4 stars – III Cuadernos de Jazz Review

**** “One of the groups of the moment.” – Jesus Gonzalo

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4 stars AAJ Italy for Canada Day Octet

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Canada Day Octet AAJ review

“…an epigram for all the drummer’s work: endless ways of deriving elegant solutions to the inside out conundrum.” – John Sharpe, All About Jazz

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“Music of fascination…” Full review here

new video from Nate Wooley Quintet gig at Sycamore, Brooklyn

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“A spectacular recording… chock full of fine moments, an excellent third release for this ever-evolving aggregate.” Full review here


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“Music of consistency, brilliance, and originality.” Full review here

Downbeat September 2012 issue double review

**** III
“Persuasively put across… adroit soloists bring the material’s many strengths into sharp relief.”

***1/2 Octet
“Demanding score… precise transitions… colorful arrangements.”

Octet KZSU Stanford review

“Everything suddenly stretches out or strikes like a snake.” Full review here

III #10 on CMJ Jazz radio charts

right after Ahmad Jamal… nice to chart on US radio…

III “Recommended New Release” NYCJR

“Recommended New Release” – David Adler, NYC Jazz Record, July 2012

III Tomajazz review

*****  “A great album with the quintet in top form.” Full review here.

III Downtown Music Gallery review

“Although the band has just been around for a few years, they have already established themselves as one of the best in the current, large Downtown network.” Full review here

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“Yet another winning combination of ideas and disparate formats.” Full review here

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“Eisenstadt loves to line up the beauty and the beast in the same tune.” Full review here

III #1 on jazz charts in Montreal

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“Those who have relished Harris Eisenstadt’s prior Canada Day records will find much to like here.”

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“Eisenstadt’s gifts a composer come to the fore here… enlivened at every turn by absolutely superior musicianship.” – Stuart Broomer

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“Supremely forward thinking music… one of the most important composer/performers on the scene.” Review here

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III: “the quintet at the zenith of its career.”

Octet: “Ellingtonian.”

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New York City Jazz Record double review

“the perfect creative coterie to express his unique vision of musical humanity.” – Tom Greenland

AMN pick of the week and best of 2012 so far list

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III on best of 2012 so far list  here

Emusic: Octet “Highly Recommended”

“Seriously innovative.” Review here

The Wire double review

“terrific form… the architecture is solid and impressive, and the workmanship commendable.” – Dan Warburton, The Wire

Downtown Music Gallery Octet review

“My favorite disc of the month (June 2012).” Full review here

Step Tempest double review

“original and impressive writing.” Full review here

Free Jazz blog double review

“… one of the most vital composers and bandleaders in contemporary jazz. Essential listening.” full reviews here

June 16-17 CD Release gigs previewed in NY Times

Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day (Saturday) A venturesome drummer and composer, Mr. Eisenstadt walks the line between free-form exploration and meticulous composition with Canada Day, featuring the trumpeter Nate Wooley, the saxophonist Matt Bauder, the vibraphonist Chris Dingman and the bassist Garth Stevenson. For this one-nighter the band previews material from its third album, “Canada Day III,” due out next month on Songlines. At 9 and 10:30 p.m., Cornelia Street Café, 29 Cornelia Street, Greenwich Village, (212) 989-9319,; $10 cover, with a $10 minimum. (Chinen)

Red Hook Jazz Festival (Sunday) This neighborly outdoor event is in its fifth year, and worth a look even for those whose only experience in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn involves prowling for Swedish furniture. Its lineup features bands inclined toward boisterous smarts: Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day Octet, the Nate Wooley Quintet…

Two CD release gigs previewed in Time Out New York

June 16 9pm Cornelia Street Cafe Canada Day III (Songlines)

June 17 2pm Red Hook Jazz Festival Canada Day Octet (482 Music)

Preview here

Canada Day III on the radio in Montreal

links here and here

El Intruso Canada Day III & Octet Preview


“…besides being one of the most representative and prestigious musicians of his generation, he is also one of the most prolific figures on the jazz scene of the new millennium.”

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