Golden State II (brief) review by Tom Hull

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Golden State II reviewed at Obduvel (in Dutch)

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Golden State II #5 on Canadian jazz radio

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Golden State II AAJ review

“The forces of individualism and solidarity are both alive and well here.”

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Golden State II reviewed in Jazz Tokyo

Full review in Japanese here.

Golden State II Free Jazz blog review

“A quiet, highly concentrated intensity filled with dynamic interplay and creative improvisations…”

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Golden State II reviewed in Textura

“Collective tales of invention and wonderment throughout…

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Gapplegate Golden State II review

“A unique voice on the modern jazz scene. A composer of sophisticated smarts, a bandleader who knows how to bring out the unique qualities of the players he gathers about him, and a drummer who has his own way.”

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Bird is the Worm Golden State II

“This is Jazz Today.”

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Golden State II Bird is the Worm Review

“… jaw-dropping displays of soulfulness…”

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