Canada Day IV reviewed in Cadence

HARRIS EISENSTADT has produced a very fine recording in CANADA DAY IV  using a well rehearsed quintet. Well rehearsed is not meant to be derogatory in that it’s stale or perfunctory. Rather, in this case I mean it’s delivered as seamless units [7 originals by Eisenstadt] perfectly set as compositions to offset the quintet’s improvisations. The offset between the percussion/bass against the horns works very well; Dingman’s incandescent vibes at times can in effect set a vertiginous wall creating sort of compartments for the music to move episodes forward. Eisenstadt has, with the exception of Niggenkemper, managed to keep this group together for almost a decade and they make fine music together. Bauder and Wooley are continually interesting and if Niggenkemper is the one to finally fill the bass chair he is a good choice, as he covers well the range from strict time to more avant sounds. The leader speaks of the air [they] let into the music and thats another important element here. A rewarding and challenging listen.