DMG reviews “Whatever Will Happen…”

“NY free jazz drummer and composer Harris Eisenstadt brings his talents to the compositional world with this four movement suite performed by the Mivos Quartet of Olivia De Prato, Josh Modney, Victor Lowrie and Mariel Roberts, a creative composition blending melodic and textural approaches to the strings in a bold rendering of Eisenstandt’s work. Harris Eisenstadt is a diverse composer and drummer, leading several bands at the same time with Canada day the most popular of each. For this LTD edition, LP-only release, Mr. Eisenstadt has composed for the great Mivos (String) Quartet. I’ve spent quite a bit of time listening to string quartet music over the past few years, from John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Ben Johnston and Elliott Carter. Mr. Eisenstadt’s work, “Whatever Will Happen That Will Also Be” is in four movements. The music is intense, vibrant, with shifting pizzicato strings erupting between a layer of heaving waves. Since Mr. Eisenstadt is a gifted drummer, there is quite a bit of fascinating rhythmic lines going on throughout. I’ve had to listen to this music several times since I find it difficult to describe certain types of chamber music. I do hear that there is a a few thematic lines which are played one way and then turned in different directions. There is a strong balance between those well-written ensemble passages and the occasional single string eruptions. The pressing and production are consistent high quality but it will take some time to fully absorb the way things develop here. At times it sounds as if the soloist is playing one thing while the rest of the quartet is playing other thematic, seesawing lines underneath. Time for another listening session to hear the depths of what is going on here. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery