La Scena Musicale Golden State Review

“Drummer Harris Eisenstadt presents here a piano-less quartet with an unlikely combina- tion of flute (Nicole Mitchell) and bassoon (Sarah Schoenbeck, Eisenstadt’s partner), with Mark Dresser on double bass. A Toronto native who has lived in the United States for some time, Eisenstadt has released several discs for the Vancouver label Songlines, This latest offering of his is very much a chamber jazz ensemble working on delicate textures and a fair amount of composed material, but is open to individual or collective improvisations. Seven tracks are presented on this disc lasting not quite 50 minutes, a reasonable run time that makes us want to listen to the music again. This quartet is coming our way in June, minus the flute player, kept home for family reasons. Subbing for her will be Michael Moore on clarinet, an expat now living in Holland, and a fine choice for a replacement, too.” (June 20, 9:00 p.m., Café Résonance) – La Scena Musicale (Montreal)