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Dark Was the Night short feature

In Spanish. Link here.

El Intruso Poll 2012 Short List, Composer of the Year

Honored to be included for the second time in three years,  alongside heroes like Smith, Threadgill, Braaxton.

 Link here.


III on Noiself Top Jazz of 2012

Full article in Spanish here.

III on Dark Was the Night Best of 2012

List here.

III Octet & FH5 +1 on CKUT Best of 2012

Link here.

III on Disphony Best of 2012

“Harris is always inventive, and the closer on this disc is one of my favorites of the year.”

Scroll down to December 12 here.

III on JJA Pres. Howard Mandel’s Best of 2012 List

“Calm, precise yet color-filled compositions for a quintet of matured NYC pros who’ve learned to play together closely over three albums and several tours.”

List here.

III and Octet on a bunch more Best of 2012 Lists

Lists here:

All About Jazz – Mark Corroto

Avant Music News

Blue Fat


Improvised Blog

Lateral Thinking

All About Jazz – Xybert


Octet on Drag City best of 2012

Scroll down to Drag City best of 2012 here.

Octet, III and FH5 +1 on Jazz Amuck Best of 2012 list

Full list here.

My Best of 2012 short list for German writer Christoph Wagner’s Blog

List here

III on Vallejo Nocturno Best of 2012 list

“Cerebral but plenty funky.”

Full review here.

III & Octet on Step Tempest Best of 2012

“If you ever have the opportunity to see either one or both of these ensembles, you must do so.” – Richard Kamins, Steptempest

List here


Dark Forces Swing Best of 2012 III & Octet double review

“A mainstay of my year-end lists… magical… both discs highly recommended.”

Scroll down to bottom of post for full review.

III & Octet on Hank Shteamer’s JJA Best of 2012 List

List here

III on John GIlbreath’s KEXP Top Ten of 2012

List here

III on AAJ’s Mark Corroto Best of 2012 so far list

List here