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Recent Developments gets 4 stars in Downbeat

“This attention to pacing, detail and contrast is one of the best things about Recent Developments..” – Bill Meyer

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Musique Machine reviews Recent Developments

“A brilliantly intelligent hybrid of melodic and free jazz over the course of a long and prolific career, dating back to 1999.”

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Recent Developments CD of the week at AAJ Italy

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Recent Developments on Earshot Best of 2017 list

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Recent Developments Album of the Year at Avant Music News

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Recent Developments one of NYCJR’s Best Large Ensemble releases of 2017

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Recent Developments and On Parade in Parede on John Sharpe’s AAJ Best of 2017 list

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Recent Developments on Ken Waxman’s Best of 2017 list

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Recent Developments on Jerome Wilson’s AAJ Best of 2017 list

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Recent Developments on CKUT best of 2017 list

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El Intruso reviews Recent Developments

an album of austere temperament at all formal and thematic levels, exquisite in melodic and harmonic terms and interpreted in a superlative way by an ensemble that brings together some of the most representative figures of contemporary creative music.” – Sergio Piccirilli

Review, in Spanish, here

Recent Developments reviewed in The Squid’s Ear

“An impressive display of the compositional imagination of Mr. Eisenstadt.” 

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Recent Developments reviewed at Bird is the Worm

“That a flock of butterflies is referred to as a kaleidoscope is particularly relevant to the latest from Harris Eisenstadt.”

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Recent Developments gets 5 stars at All Aboit Jazz

“A stunning and thought provoking achievement.” – John Sharpe

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Recent Developments reviewed at Audio Stream

“A fluid and original take on modern composition.”

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NYCJR reviews Recent Developments & On Parade in Parede

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“Since he began leading sessions (ca. 2000), drummer Harris Eisenstadt has garnered reputation for intriguing ensembles. He excels in putting together players and instrumental combinations one wouldn’t expect and makes it work.” – Robert Iannapollo

Recent Developments reviewed in Modern Drummer

“Breaks new ground as a writer and player.” – Martin Patmos

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Jazzword reviews On Parade in Parede and Recent Developments

Double review here

” …(Parede) isn’t your parents’ Free Bop… Neither is (Recent Developments) standard chamber jazz or even chamber music.” – Ken Waxman

Recent Developments gets 4 stars in Audiophile Audition

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Recent Developments get 4 stars in Jazzwise (UK)

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“Eisenstadt… restricts himself to Paul Motian-like shading, his magic woven through the organisational fecundity of these profoundly original arrangements.” – Spencer Grady

Recent Developments reviewed in Point of Departure

“…some of Eisenstadt’s most animated and engaging compositions to date..” – Troy Collins

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NYC Jazz Record reviews Recent Developments concert

“Eisenstadt was understated throughout, laying down skeletal rhythms as structure for his complex forays, his kit serving him as a conductor’s podium.” – Andrey Henkin

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Recent Developments “Hot Pick” at Jazzwise (UK)

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Recent developments at #1 for 6th wk on Earshot charts

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Recent Developments 5th week at #1 on Earshot jazz radio (Canada)

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Recent Developments reviewed at JazzTrail

“An indestructible feeling of unity.”

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Recent Developments 4th week at #1 on Earshot charts (Canada)

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Recent Developments in the New York Times

“Mr. Eisenstadt, a drummer, tends to write music with a steady rhythmic pulse and a feeling of open-air possibility. On ‘Recent Developments,’ his 20th album, the compositions are detailed and multifaceted, but nothing feels nailed down or tightened up. His way of playing helps: Mr. Eisenstadt’s touch is emphatic but light, never aiming to fill a lot of space.” – Giovanni Russonello

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Recent Developments 3rd week at #1 on Canadian jazz radio

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Recent Developments reviewed at Textura

“Calling New York-based composer, percussionist, and bandleader Harris Eisenstadt an iconoclast might sound hyperbolic, but the body of work he’s produced and the bands he’s led certainly show him to be someone who’s regularly challenged convention and upended it in thoughtful and strategic manner.” 

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Recent Developments reviewed at Improvised Blog

“A who’s who of today’s forward thinking jazz-related players.”

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AMN reviews Recent Developments

“Album of the year candidate.” 

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Recent Developments 2nd week at #1 on Canadian jazz radio

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Recent Developments reaches #1 on Earshot jazz charts

In 3rd Week on Earshot Jazz radio charts (Canada), Recent Developments reaches #1

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Step Tempest reviews Recent Developments

“Subtle, rewarding, and challenging.” – Richard Kamins

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Recent Developments Recommended New Release for 2nd month in NYCJR

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Recent Developments gets 4 stars in Downbeat

**** “This latest development in composer/drummer Harris Eisenstadt’s work crosses two lines of inquiry. The rich, differentiated string and woodwind textures extend the chamber-like instrumentation of his Golden State Quartet, but the size of the ensemble and the episodic, album-length progress of the music place the disc in the lineage of projects such as his Fight Or Flight and Canada Day Octet.

For every action Eisenstadt takes as a writer and arranger, he provides an equally considered response. Brandon Seabrook’s fiery banjo and the leader’s own swinging drums balance the liberally deployed bassoon, flute and bowed strings. And while the officially named parts of the suite constitute a very detailed piece unto itself, each is bracketed by shorter, looser segments that ease the music’s tension.

This attention to pacing, detail and contrast is one of the best things about Recent Developments. Each stylistic situation is fully explored and each solo fully integrated into a larger framework that is elaborate but never unnecessarily so.” – Bill Meyer, Downbeat


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Recent Developments Editor’s Choice at High Res Audio

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Recent Developments reviewed at AAJ

“A highly unusual and appealing collection and features some of Eisenstadt’s most creative writing and a remarkable assembly of talented musicians.” 

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Recent Developments reviewed at Stereogum

“There are… moments that recall Charles Mingus’ The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady, one of jazz’s great suites. Recent Developments shares a joyousness and vitality with that album — there’s nothing austere or over-intellectualized about this music.” – Phil Freeman

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Cadence reviews Recent Developments

HARRIS EISENSTADT [drm] has written and issued a fascinating CD. Comprising 14 sections [41:09] with the longer parts separated by interludes the whole of this work is a very controlled musical adventure made up of seemingly disparate instrumental parts. The use of the various instruments is remarkably integrated into the music. Eisenstadt has managed to make banjo, bassoon, tuba, etc. not exotic in this setting but a nice fit into this tale of many parts. My only complaint is the tale ends on an unfinished note, leaving this listener waiting for more. There really is no extended blowing here but there is improvisation and some minimalism but it is very musical and stays fresh on repeated listenings. Excellent use of 41:09, a piece that would work well in a concert setting.

Recent Developments reviewed at

“****1/2… In short, this is a musician who knows what he’s doing.” – Eric McDowell

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Recent Developments Recommended New Release in NYCJR

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Recent Developments pick of the week at AMN

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El Intruso previews “Recent Developments”

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New Interview: Recent Developments

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New Songlines label page: Recent Developments coming March 2017

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NY Times previews Recent Developments June 15 gig

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Harris Eisenstadt: ‘Recent Developments’ (Wednesday) “Recent Developments” sounds like language from a research study, but it’s also the new body of work by Mr. Eisenstadt, a freethinking yet methodical drummer and composer. Here he leads a nonet including the cellist Hank Roberts, the flutist Anna Webber, the trumpeter Nate Wooley and the banjoist Brandon Seabrook. At 8 p.m., ShapeShifter Lab, 18 Whitwell Place, Park Slope, Brooklyn, (Chinen)