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woodblock prints mar 7 2009

guewel best of 2008

top live concerts feature sep 4 2008

ned rothenberg's aggregate nov 29 2008



saris nov22 2008


"the subtle yet rigorous duo of sara schoenbeck."



canada day may 7 2008


"Toronto-born avant-jazz percussionist Harris Eisenstadt has stocked his quintet with outstanding young players: trumpeter Nate Wooley, saxist Matt Bauder, vibist Chris Dingman and bassist Eivind Opsvik."



guewel apr5 2008


In his Guewel project, drummer-composer Harris Eisenstadt mixes his avant-jazz expertise with an extensive knowledge of funky, intricate African music. Fortunately his bandmates—saxist Josh Sinton, plus brassmen Taylor Ho Bynum, Nate Wooley and Mark Taylor—can shift convincingly between boisterous and abstract modes."



canada day/nate wooley quartet january 2008


"The compositions of Toronto-born avant-jazz percussionist Harris Eisenstadt skillfully reconcile spacious groove with textural intricacy. Eisenstadt’s Canada Day band includes saxist Matt Bauder, trumpeter Nate Wooley, vibist Chris Dingman and bassist Eivind Opsvik. Wooley leads his own group in the opening slot."


canada day/barry altschul trio


"Percussionist Harris Eisenstadt’s Creative Music Tuesdays at Spike Hill is off to a great start, presenting a wide array of experimental luminaries. Tonight’s edition is all about the drums, with Eisenstadt’s own group, as well as a trio led by the brilliant veteran Barry Altschul, who worked with just about every progressive-jazz bandleader worth hearing in the ’70s."



the all seeing eye + octets


Just back from a residency in West Africa, Toronto-born avant-jazz percussionist Harris Eisenstadt - who has worked with the likes of Sam Rivers and Paul Rutherford - is celebrating a new release, "The All Seeing Eye + Octets." This disc pairs a reverent yet risk-taking spin through a classic Wayne Shorter set with two lush multipart works by Eisenstadt, which skillfully reconcile spacious groove with textural intimacy.



canada day


"Keyboardist James Carney’s Konceptions series—a key showcase for Brooklyn’s progressive-jazz community—relocates from Bar 4 to CIM. Performing tonight is the skillful percussionist-composer Harris Eisenstadt, who has worked with the likes of Sam Rivers and Paul Rutherford."



vinny golia trio/quartet


" Versatile reedist Golia, an avant-garde melodist and one-man booster club for West Coast experimentalists, offers two sets of original sounds with bassist Reuben Radding and drummer Harris Eisenstadt. Trumpeter Nate Wooley joins in on the second set."



with steve beresford


"...(one) of the city's finest cutting-edge improvisers. "



with bill horvitz expanded band


"...features such luminaries as Wayne Horvitz, Vincent Chancey, Robin Holcomb, Marcus Rojas, Marty Ehrlich, and Harris Eisenstadt."



with jason mears trio


"... one of the city's avant-jazz elite."



canada day


"...an accomplished drummer/composer. "



guewel/trio with blumenkranz/burnham aug 2007


"Eisenstadt, a percussion-wielding melodist and storyteller, leads his wind-heavy ensemble Gewel in material inspired by his latest visit to West Africa. In the earlier set, he stages good-natured skirmishes with bassist Blumenkranz and guests."



harris eisenstadt low trio


"...the trio of responsive improvisers should be well-worth catching."



the diplomats


"the title of the Diplomats' (penetrating alto saxophonist Rob Brown, bawdy trombonist Steve Swell, and melodic drummer Harris Eisenstadt) new record We Are Not Obstinate Islands (Clean Feed) tips you off to their garrulous interaction."



quintet november 2006


"Drummer Harris Eisenstadt has gradually been building up steam for a few years now, showing up on sessions with the likes of Sam Rivers. A recent CIMP dsic, Jalolu, features his quirky, exuberant compositions, which he'll perform tonight with the ace support of Micahel Attias, Ken Filiano, and Nate Wooley."


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